Sample sea [Test]
Several snippets composed as part of a trial proposal for an independent video game on the theme of the sea and piracy. Composed within a very short timeframe, solely with the aim of providing a conceptual track structure.
Locksgate [GameJam]
created by Team Persephone
As a Sound Designer and Music Composer for this Game Jam, I derive immense pleasure from crafting ambient soundscapes and music that capture the essence of an old cemetery in England during the nineteenth century. I have composed classical, gothic music with moments of haunting melody. I would like to emphasize that creating a gloomy atmosphere was essential, and to achieve this, I meticulously combined and crafted heavy sounds to align with the game's thematic spirit. I've developed four lengthy, slow-tempo pieces to complement the background of a management-style game seamlessly.
Quest Agency [GameJam]

For the game "Quest Agency," which was developed during my first GameJam, the theme was heavily centered around heroic fantasy, with a medieval-inspired setting. I took a unique approach by creating an office-like atmosphere, reminiscent of a modern recruitment agency, infused with a humorous tone fitting for an agency responsible for assigning quests to pseudo-heroes in a whimsical and cartoonish world. The voices were mimicked to resemble interactions between recruiters and prospective employees.
Regarding the music, I composed a theme for the introduction, while the rest of the music was seamlessly integrated as background music, akin to a radio station with imaginary advertisements between tracks. These tracks were intentionally mixed with an equalization simulating the sound of old, low-quality speakers. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, one piece of music couldn't be integrated as originally planned, but it was intended to serve as a recap of earnings between runs.
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